Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Seville

Tooth extraction

It is the basic surgical procedure, the basis of oral surgery.

Extraction of unerupted teeth (wisdom teeth and other unerupted teeth)

Some unerupted or partially erupted teeth, mainly wisdom teeth, may need to be extracted.  The surgical procedure will be carried out after a thorough treatment plan through 3d X-ray.


Surgical exposure of impacted teeth

Some teeth may not erupt due to a lack of space or an obstacle, needing a surgical procedure to facilitate the eruption process.  In most cases this treatment will need to be followed by orthodontic traction (orthodontic braces).

Soft Tissue Surgery


The buccal or lingual frenulum may need to be removed if it affects the speech and/or creates a gap between teeth.

Removing Oral Mucosa Lesions:

The involved tissues are removed and sent for study to confirm the nature of the lesion.

Periapical Surgery

The root apex is accessed to remove a chronic lesion, cut the damaged portion of the root and fill the root canal to prevent it from being affected again.

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