Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment in Seville

An endodontic treatment consists in removing the infected pulp tissue (“nerve”) that is inside the dental roots.  This treatment is normally necessary as a result of a large decay, but it can also occur due to a dental trauma or an external inflammatory processes. The aim of a root canal treatment is to preserve the tooth without infection and to maintain its masticatory function.

The treatment is performed under local anaesthetic, in one or more visits, and the progress and results are assessed with x-rays. The pulp tissue is removed, the roots are disinfected and then sealed three-dimensionally to avoid any fluids and microorganisms penetrating the root and causing a reinfection. The tooth may need a crown after this treatment due to the large destruction it may have suffered.

In Clínica Dental Avante, we have the latest technology to carry out these treatments: digital x-ray, apex locators, rotary instrumentation and sealing with hot gutta-percha. This all allows us to carefully clean the conducts to then seal them tight and reduce the risk of a repeated bacterial infection

endodoncia sevilla

La última innovación en tratamientos de endodocia.


In Clínica Dental Avante all of our specialist dentists work together and can carry out any additional treatment that is required, related or not to endodontic treatments.

Oral SurgeryAn early diagnosis is essential for this treatment to be successful and to avoid losing the tooth.


Root canal treatments should be checked periodically and sometimes the tooth may need a crown to protect it.

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