Dentistry Restorative

Restorative Dentistry in Sevilla

Restorative dentistry allows us to prevent, stop and cure dental caries.  Dental decay is a progressive illness that will not disappear on its own.  It normally affects one tooth initially, but, if left untreated, it can affect more teeth and require more complex restorations.

The aim of a dental filling or restoration is to restore the anatomy of a tooth that has either decayed or fractured.  Restoring a tooth includes eliminating the infected dental tissues (caries) before it damages the dental pulp (nerve) and filling it with a restorative material, to allow the tooth to function adequately.

If tooth decay is not treated soon enough, the nerve could be damaged and the tooth would require root canal treatment.

In our practice, Clínica Dental Avante, we use biocompatible restorative materials that are highly aesthetic:  light-curing composites with nano-hybrid components that allow direct restoration of both anterior and posterior teeth.

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