Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation

Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation in Seville

Prosthodontics is the branch of dentistry that replaces a tooth, either due to its absence, loss or restorative needs, in order to restore shape, colour and function. It avoids the possible consequences of having lost a tooth or its function:  inability to chew efficiently and/or mash the food, digestive disorders, temporomandibular joint disorders, bone loss, speech difficulties, etc.

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There are several techniques to replace missing teeth, with different ceramic materials that increasingly resemble natural teeth and that allow us to give back to our patients the function and aesthetics of their teeth.  Al the prostheses are custom made for each patient, which requires several appointments that start in a thorough study and preparation of the case and continue through several try in appointments to provide the needed fit and aesthetics.

Removal Dentures

The patient can take these dentures out.  They generally need retainers (hooks) that attach them to the teeth to increase stability. Nowadays they are frequently used as a temporary replacement whilst the patient can be fully restored with tooth or implant retained fixed prostheses, or if there are not enough abutments to place a fixed prosthesis. They are a fast way to replace teeth, as well as being the most affordable prosthesis, but, on the other hand, they do not prevent bone-loss or its aesthetic consequences, and will gradually become less stable and more mobile.


Fixed Dental Prostheses

They are bonded to another tooth that has previously been prepared (made smaller). They can restore one tooth (crown) or several (bridge).  The obtained results are similar to natural teeth, facilitating the maintenance by both patient (hygiene) and dentist (control and maintenance). One of its disadvantages is the need to prepare the abutment teeth (file them), which makes it an irreversible treatment. Nowadays there are multiple materials available for this type of treatment (precious or non-precious alloys, high resistance ceramics, zirconium, etc.), and the patient and its oral health condition will be studied in order to provide the best aesthetic and functional results possible.

Implant Retained Prostheses

Prostheses that are held or supported over dental implants. They can be fixed or removable. Using implants to support a prosthesis, we can replace one or several teeth, even the whole dentition when the patient has lost all teeth, providing a stable fixation for the denture. This treatment does not damage existing teeth (as no tooth needs to be filed) and is considerably long-lasting if check-up and maintenance protocols are followed. It makes patients feel secure and recuperate the ability to chew effectively.

In Clínica Dental Avante, our specialist will guide the patient through the choice making process to select the fixed or removable denture that best fits their needs after carefully studying the case.

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