Ortodoncia Lingual

Clínica Dental Avante, thanks to Dr. José María Barrera, has been one of the first practices in Seville to innovate introducing the WIN Invisible Lingual Orthodontics, conceived by the German Dr. Dirk Wiechmann.  This system allows a more specific control of the treatment by the specialist and a more cosmetic result for the patient.  Unlike conventional orthodontics, each of the arches used to produce dental movement is designed exclusively by a computer controlled robot, which provides a totally customized treatment for each patient and its needs.

The base of the bracket is one of the advantageous features of this new technique; it allows an extremely flat design that adapts perfectly to the shape of the tooth and provides greater comfort. It also offers greater protection against demineralization to the inner surface of the tooth, due to allowing the permanent action of the saliva that cleans and rinses the teeth.  Clinical research has proven that it reduces the risk of the tooth being damaged when using braces by 10 times when comparing it to conventional braces.

Lingual braces are available to anyone that has healthy gums and bones, regardless of being a teenager or an adult.

Ortodoncia Lingual - Sevilla

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